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Exploring Management Concepts and Evaluation of Management

Welcome to the first module of Management Theory and Practice. In this module, we will learn about the very basic concepts of management and in light of them we will understand the different types of managers, as well as a detailed review of the challenges facing the management process along with the history and evaluation of management thinking, and inline it with the today's modern world. For this, we have divided this module into two parts, the first covering basic management concepts, and types of managers, and analyzing the various challenges in management, while in the second part, we consider narrating the history of the evolution of management theories, including Relationship theory, quantitative management, systems approach, modified process management, and contingency approach. This dynamic module equips participants with a comprehensive understanding of the importance of management and its historical evolution. learn more


Decoding Decision-Making Process

Decision-making is a complex cognitive process vital to organizational management. So, in this Second module of Management Theory and Practice, we covered a range of crucial topics related to decision-making in management. We began by exploring the role of time and human relationships in the decision-making process, focusing on problem-finding, opportunity identification, and the fundamentals of the decision-making process. Moving on, we delved into the nature of managerial decision-making, distinguishing between programmed and un-programmed decisions and examining concepts of certainty, risk, and uncertainty. We also introduced decision-making tools, including Probability Theory, Decision Trees, and the Rational Model of Decision Making. This holistic exploration equipped participants with a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of decision-making in management and provided valuable insights into strategies and tools for navigating this critical process.  learn more


"Navigating the Managerial Landscape: Mastery, Leadership, and Strategy

This course is a transformative journey into mastering management principles and skills. Beyond the basics, it delves into the intricacies of managerial roles, exploring aspects from budgeting to artistic presentation and their profound impact on organizations. You'll dissect leadership, entrepreneurship, and strategy, understanding their vital roles and significance in the professional landscape.

Rooted in Henri Fayol's timeless framework, this course offers a holistic perspective. It emphasizes the distinctions between leadership and entrepreneurship, exploring their interplay with economic, social, and environmental performance. By crafting your survivor’s guide, you'll navigate complexities, ensuring success in any organizational context.  Go to course





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