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دعاء قرآنی 

A collection of supplications derived from the Holy Quran that can be very useful for you. Please remember me and my family in your prayers.


PODCAST: Ishaq kay Chalees Usool 

The Forty Rules of Love Podcast is a mystical interpretation of Turkish author Elf Shafaq's novel "The 40 Rules of Love," which explores love in a spiritual context through the intertwining stories of the 13th-century Persian poet Rumi and his spiritual teacher Shah Shams of Tabriz, and a modern-day woman named Ella.

Love is deeply important in a spiritual context because it transcends individual boundaries, connects us to the divine, and guides us to higher qualities, deeper connections, and a sense of unity with the divine and the world around us. It is a transformative force that nourishes our souls and brings meaning and fulfilment to our lives.


21 Days of Effective Communication Skills

A series of comprehensive virtual workshops on 21 interrelated topics which include everyday habits and exercises to improve your communication skills and social intelligence.

In this training, we will discuss a daily habit and along with that, you will learn its practice and some useful tips that will help you to adopt this habit perfectly, and with precision. This Training contains 21 communication topics and their actionable exercises that will completely overhaul your current skills. Not only that, but it will also help you to improve and groom your personality. 






Leadership: Key to Success

A comprehensive Virtual Workshop on the title of Leadership: Key to Success

In this virtual training course, we have talked about leadership, what is leadership and how to adopt an effective leadership style, which can lead to progress. In this training, we also discussed that, in our society, what kind of strategy should the leader adopt, in the light of the rapidly changing conditions of the modern age, as a head of a family or as a leader in a large organization, and how to be a role model for others. we further discussed how to work together. How Can attract others?

The guidance of glorious leaders plays a key role in the development of nations and institutions or organizations and becomes a beacon of progress.














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